Colorful & Tasty

Determining Flavor

The Connection Between Taste, Smell, and Flavor The sense of taste and smell are closely related. Humans can distinguish 5 […]

Preserved Frogs

Packaging Options for Preserved Specimens

Pail-packed or vacuum-packed specimens? Compare the advantages of these package types before you decide. Pail-packed specimens Pail-packed specimens are packaged […]

red maple leaf

Autumn Leaves Craft Project

This activity takes a look at autumn leaves as objects of aesthetic beauty and scientific interest. For this activity, each […]

frog dissection

Dissection Buying Guide

Our guide includes specimen suggestions based on grade level and specimen complexity, needed dissection and safety supplies, and options for […]


Kool-Aid® Chromatography

Chromatography is an important technique in the chemistry lab. This activity uses a popular beverage for a safe, engaging lab […]

wisconsin fast plants

The Fast Plant Life Cycle

Let Wisconsin Fast Plants® Grow on You! Wisconsin Fast Plants® are so captivating to watch as they grow and develop […]