Balances Buying Guide

When considering which balance is best for your application, the first decision you’ll need to make is whether to choose […]

Preserved Frogs

Packaging Options for Preserved Specimens

Pail-packed or vacuum-packed specimens? Compare the advantages of these package types before you decide. Pail-packed specimens Pail-packed specimens are packaged […]

Electrophoresis Kits

Which Electrophoresis Kit Is Right for You?

Use this companion guide to compare kit characteristics so you can prepare yourself and your lab accordingly.

Electrophoresis of DNA is a fundamental technique in biotechnology that covers a variety of subject material on the structure and function of DNA. Carolina makes the study of electrophoresis attainable for any classroom by offering a number of kits that include valuable teacher resources.

crime scene investigation


Make Real-World Connections and Engage Students When crime scene investigators collect and analyze evidence from the scene of a crime, […]

frog dissection

Dissection Buying Guide

Our guide includes specimen suggestions based on grade level and specimen complexity, needed dissection and safety supplies, and options for […]

Microbiology Buying Guide

Get everything you need to teach your microbiology labs in one place. Carolina is here to provide everything you need […]

microbiology culture

Popular Microbiology Labs

Below is a list of popular microbiology labs and some resources that Carolina has available to help support those labs. […]