Webinar Series: Integrating Science and Engineering Practices

by Carolina Staff
high school students

Webinar Series:

Modeling Science Instruction

How can teachers use modeling to identify gaps in learning and address learning differences?

Join nationally recognized education consultant Kristen Dotti for a 90-minute webinar on how teachers can use modeling, a science and engineering practice that is used to develop questions, predictions, and explanations; analyze and identify flaws in systems; and communicate ideas.

Dotti will moderate the event. Multiple life and physical science demonstrations will be provided that incorporate such tools as diagrams, drawings, physical replicas, mathematical representations, analogies, and computer simulations.

Scientific models

Products featured in the webinar:

841182 Patterns in Electrons and Chemical Bonding Kit
211183 Modeling DNA to Protein Kit
331132 Modeling the Carbon Cycle Kit
Model radioactive decay using multifaceted cubes and water flow. Graph the data and determine the half-life of “radioactive” samples.
840715 Radioactive Decay and Half-Life Simulations
158940 Wisconsin Fast Plants: 72 Hour Monohybrid Genetics Kit
331128 Plate Tectonics and Island Formation

Data Analysis and Computational Thinking

How can teachers integrate mathematics into their science instruction while building student engagement?

Mathematics can be an inhibiting subject for some students and science teachers, but that does not need to be the case, nationally recognized education consultant Kristen Dotti says.

Join Dotti for a webinar designed to help teachers integrate the scientific and engineering practices of analyzing and interpreting data and using mathematics and computational thinking into instruction.

Dotti will moderate the event, which will include multiple life and physical science demonstrations and easy-to-use examples.

Products featured in the webinar:

751463 Carolina® Introduction to Force and Motion Kit
Colorful cubes are used to model atoms in a chemical equation
840656 Balancing Chemical Equations Kit
331106 Planetary Motion
187016 Modeling Population Genetics and Evolution Kit
331160 Analyzing Patterns in Climate Change
757902 Carolina Kits 3D® Physics Bundles

Arguments from Evidence and Communicating

Join Kristen Dotti and Carolina staff for a 75-minute webinar on how teachers can help students discover how to build arguments from evidence and communicate their findings. Dotti will moderate the event. Multiple examples of phenomena-based investigations will be demonstrated by Carolina staff.

Products featured in the webinar:

331102 Evidence of the Big Bang Kit
331148 Analyzing Wind Power Potential
Students investigate 45 different chemical reactions between 10 different chemicals in this guided-inquiry microscale chemistry experiment.
840660 Mystery Chemical Reactions Kit
202500 Food Nutrient Analysis
754010 Carolina® AM Crystal Radio
With this comprehensive kit, students build and experiment with 3 different types of electromagnets: coiled wire, metal core, and solenoid.
758661 Carolina® Introduction to Electromagnetism

Planning Investigations, Asking Questions, Defining Problems

In this 75-minute webinar with Kristen Dotti and Carolina staff, registrant will demonstrate Carolina 3D Kits that prompt students to plan and carry out several different kinds of investigations, either structured by the teacher–in order to expose an issue or question that they would be unlikely to explore on their own to those that emerge from students’ own questions. Demonstrations will focus on how scientific investigations may be undertaken to describe a phenomenon, or to test a theory or model for how the world works while asking questions and defining problems for further investigation.

Products featured in the webinar:

Investigate the properties of water and how they affect Earth’s materials and processes.
331130 Transformative Properties of Water
143725 Group Behavior and Social Insects
173608 DNA Damage: Studying the Impact of UV Light
Construct a carbon dioxide gas-powered prototype rocket and then modify the chemical system to maximize the rocket’s altitude.
820103 STEM Challenge: Chemical Reaction Rockets
750046 Carolina STEM Challenge: Egg Drop
187902 Carolina Kits 3D® Life Science Bundles


Kristen Dotti
Kristen Dotti is a geneticist by training and a classroom teacher who has spent 27 years teaching high school AP® and IB® science and mathematics. She writes full-year and case study curricula using exclusively hands-on methods for implementing student-centered NGSS practices. For the last 15 years, she has worked with schools and districts on long-term improvement plans for the professional development of faculty, focusing in particular on increasing student engagement and critical thinking.

Previous popular webinars by Dotti include Teaching Science Remotely, Leading High School Science Investigations Remotely, Making Thinking Visible, and Finish the Year Strong and Prep for the Future.

Please contact Kristen at kristen.dotti@catalystlearningcurricula.com, or visit Catalyst Learning Curricula for more information on how she helps teachers.

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