Teaching and Learning Science in the Era of COVID-19

by carolinastaff
Hands on science that can be safely done at home

Schools and universities closed in March, presenting science teachers and instructors with many new challenges associated with remote learning. Moving instruction to online classes overnight is a challenge, but when a course includes science labs, the challenge can be even greater. Across the country, as schools and universities make decisions around re-opening, teachers need to be more flexible than ever.

We’re here to help

Carolina has several resources and products to help you with teaching science at any grade level whether remotely, socially distanced in person, or in a hybrid environment. This series of three articles addresses remote science teaching and learning:

Elementary options

The new BBS3D@HOME and SS@HOME maintain the continuity of the unit storyline you’re using in the classroom, at home. The virtual teaching plan includes investigation videos and instructions on using simulations and other digital resources to keep the scientific thinking and learning going while students cannot be in the classroom.

Middle school options

As with the elementary options, STCMS@HOME includes investigation videos, simulations, and other digital resources, but it is geared to the middle school learner. Additionally, mCurriculum is a collection of middle school and high school interactive science lessons accessible at Carolina Science Online®. Lessons include science-at-home activities, such as exercises, quizzes, education games, animations, videos, and interactive presentations. Each lesson also includes assignment submission and reporting features. Some of the features of mCurriculum include:

  • Lessons that can be used to review, reteach, and fill in content gaps
  • A tool to help increase student engagement
  • Short formative assessments embedded in the lessons
  • Assessments that are automatically graded
  • Summarized student performance at the end of the lesson as a lesson report
  • Immediate feedback for students to reinforce the learning
  • An ideal resource for remote learning
  • Can be easily integrated with existing curriculum

High school options

Be prepared to teach grades 9—12 science investigations no matter what. The Carolina Kits 3D® Flex program offers phenomenon-based, NGSS* investigations that provide rigor, relevance, and results to ensure student enrichment and success in science. This complete lab solution enables your district’s teachers to safely provide hands-on science instruction in a socially distanced classroom or with students who learn at home. The Carolina Kits 3D® Flex program includes both hands-on and digital investigations for high school biology and chemistry. The program allows teachers to transition between classroom and remote learning at any time throughout the school year. Each full-year course for chemistry and biology provides equitable lessons with authentic lab experiences for consistent results. Learn more about the program.

Additional Reading: Webinar: Leading High School Science Investigations Remotely

College options

Carolina Distance Learning® provides campus quality college labs designed specifically for online students. Investigations include wet labs as well as other virtual learning options, including virtual chemistry labs and virtual biology labs. The program allows the instructor to select labs that best fit their courses, or you can submit your syllabus and work with one of our Distance Learning Specialists to design a course that meets your learning objectives. All materials are safe for in-home use and can be shipped directly to students or sold via your bookstore.

Labs are available in:

Also check out our distance learning tips for creating an engaging online course, which are helpful whether the move to distance education is planned or due to an emergency.

*Next Generation Science Standards® is a registered trademark of Achieve. Neither Achieve nor the lead states and partners that developed the Next Generation Science Standards were involved in the production of, and do not endorse, this product.

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