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CSO Tips for Teachers—Lab Safety

Do you know the benefits of using Carolina Kits 3D labs on CSO? Set yourself up for success with these tips.

Use CSO digital resources to reinforce lab safety with students

Safety is a concern for teachers every day—with every investigation—not just during the first week of school. Use your Carolina Science Online resources to ensure a safe lab experience, whether your students are learning in a physically distanced classroom or remotely.

Safety resources for teachers

The digital teacher’s guide has a QR code that leads directly to Carolina’s safety data sheets (SDS). You can access the entire SDS library remotely from any device. Simply download and print or share directly with students.

Safety guidelines from the lab Molecular Structure

Safety resources for students

Student guides feature the appropriate safety symbols for required personal protective equipment (PPE) and equipment reminders. Every time students look at the procedure, they have a visual reminder of the PPE and general safety rules they must follow. The following example is from Mystery Chemical Reactions.

Safety guidelines from the lab Mystery Chemical Reactions

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Safety they’ll remember!

Students can brush up on their safety skills with this safety dos and don’ts video. Select “Share” after the video plays to share with students.

Find your safety resources.

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