How to Make a Good Scientific Model

Are your students able to generate observations and then construct a good scientific model?  After your students complete an inquiry […]

Let’s Do S’more Chemistry!

Introduction This laboratory activity explores the topics of stoichiometry and limiting reactants in a fun, delicious way! Mass/mole relationships and […]

Most Popular Physics Kits That Electrify Students’ Lab Experiences

Your momentum might change if you knew that you could cover your physics course, start to finish, with Carolina’s top-selling physics kits. These 10 kits offer students hands-on experiments, model generation, and data analysis, while meeting your physics course standards. Repeatedly chosen by thousands of teachers, these kits can help you electrify your students’ lab experiences.

Our Most Popular Chemistry Kits That Get a Reaction from Students

Bet you didn’t know that you can cover your chemistry course, start to finish, with Carolina’s popular kits. They provide students with hands-on experiments, model generation, and data analysis, while meeting chemistry course standards. Repeatedly chosen by thousands of teachers, these top sellers get a great reaction from students.

Activities with UV Beads

Ultraviolet-sensitive beads change color when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light. Students can use these beads to perform inquiry-based experiments to […]

A wooden canoe sits on the water's edge

Boats and Buoyancy

Investigate physical science and engineering concepts including buoyancy, displacement, and density. Students construct an aluminum foil boat prototype and measure how much weight their boat can carry before taking on water or sinking.

Chemical glassware on a periodic table

Planning an Active, Hands-On Chemistry Course with Carolina Kits

Whether you’re a new or experienced chemistry teacher, look to Carolina for your hands-on chemistry needs. Our kits are designed with your teaching goals in mind. Engage students with activities that allow them to explore science and engineering practices, master challenging concepts, think critically, and solve problems. Our unique chemistry kit-lines help you tailor hands-on activities to your students’ learning needs and facilitate your planning and preparation.

Chemicals safely stored in a chemical tray

Chemical Hygiene Plans for Science Classrooms

A chemical hygiene plan (CHP) is a written program stating the policies, procedures, and responsibilities that serve to protect employees from the health hazards associated with the hazardous chemicals used in that particular workplace.

Variety of chemical symbols

General Rules for Chemical Storage

First, identify any specific requirements regarding the storage of chemicals from: local, state, and federal regulations insurance carriers Criteria for […]

Multimeter is used to measure an electric current.

Dollar Store Single Function Signal Generator

In this activity, students use a solar-powered model, such as the dancing flowers often sold at discount variety stores. They carefully disassemble the plastic housing and attach a sensor to the capacitor, then use probe ware to graph the voltage across the capacitor.