beer filled mug on table

The Chemistry of Beer

Many science teachers take their love of chemistry and microbiology out of the classroom and move it to the garage for a home beer brewing adventure. Whether you enjoy brewing your own, or enjoying the fruits of others’ brewing efforts, the art of beer is in the science.

Dialysis tubing in a solution to demonstrate osmosis

Diffusion and Osmosis

All cells are bound by some type of permeable or semipermeable membrane that governs the ions, small molecules, and large molecules that enter and leave the cell. Diffusion is the general process of movement down a gradient that results in equal concentrations of solutes on both sides of the membrane. When water is the molecule entering or leaving the cell the process is osmosis. This guide breaks down the important information students need to know, provides links to products and free digital resources, and includes suggestions for hands-on-labs that reinforce student learning.

Photosynthesis Modeling with Pop Beads

While studying photosynthesis, students can have difficulty understanding how the carbon in CO2 becomes the carbon in glucose (6H2O + 6CO2→C6H12O6 + […]

Teaching the Calvin Cycle

The Calvin cycle of photosynthesis can be difficult to teach and to learn when presented only as a relentless sequence […]

Rat Reproduction

Examining the reproductive system of the rat, students have the opportunity to compare male and female organs, study internal fertilization, […]

How to Make a Good Scientific Model

Are your students able to generate observations and then construct a good scientific model?  After your students complete an inquiry […]

Bees, Butterflies, and Flowers

Background Spring’s arrival is marked by days that start to grow longer, temperatures that begin to rise, and the many […]