Dissection Options for Remote or Socially Distanced Labs

by Carolina Staff
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These dissection activities engage students whether they’re learning in the classroom or remotely.

With the increasing popularity of distance learning, as well as the continued threat of COVID-19, many teachers are looking for dissection options that will work well for remote or socially distanced labs. At Carolina, we offer several options that allow your students to learn the structures and functions of important anatomical specimens while still conducting an engaging dissection experience. Explore each option below to see which fits your lab the best.

Single-student dissection kits

Carolina’s new student dissection kits contain everything your student needs to conduct a comprehensive dissection on their own. Perfect for biology and A&P labs, the included comprehensive manual contains colored photographs and detailed dissection instructions that walk the student through the dissection, focusing on both the anatomical structures and functions. A Carolina’s Perfect Solution® preserved specimen, a set of dissecting instruments, nitrile gloves, safety glasses, and a foam dissecting tray are also included. Choose from the Pig, Heart, Eye, or Advanced Brain Dissection Student Kit.

221320 Advanced Brain Dissection Student Kit

We also have Carolina’s Young Scientist™ Student Dissection Kits. These single-student kits are great for any age and include the preserved specimen, a simple dissection manual, dissection instruments, and foam dissecting tray.

Other single-student kits that may be of interest include our Basic Animal Dissection Kit and Owl Pellet Explorer Set.

If you’re socially distancing in lab and already have your dissecting instruments and PPE, consider purchasing individually bagged specimens, so each student has their own. Also, our descriptive, large, easy-to-read Carolina® Dissection Mats will allow students to self-guide their own dissection with little assistance.

DIY dissection models

If remote learning and social distancing has you looking for a new, innovative way to teach anatomy, don’t miss the solutions from Getting Nerdy®! Their Scienstructable 3D Dissection Model® products are budget-friendly and easy to implement, yet they are still hands-on and engaging. The models are created from downloadable, printable templates that students color, cut out, and assemble. Additional supporting digital resources such as a comprehensive PowerPoint® file, guide readings, graphic organizers, and extension questions help students learn the anatomical structures and functions of the specimens.

Scienstructable Models

These models are not just great remote options–they can be used as a pre-dissection or summative assessment tool for your lab. Choose from a wide selection of invertebrates and vertebrates, from the sponge to the cat. Bundles are also offered. After purchase, the paper dissection models and their supporting resources are all easily accessed at CarolinaScienceOnline.com, our easy-to-use learning management tool.

In addition, several specimens have a larger-than-life, full-color DIY vinyl model that can be purchased and shipped to you. These models mirror the digital student version so you can use it as a demonstration model or manipulative in your class. The digital student model templates and supporting resources are also included with these large vinyl models. See all of the Vinyl Manipulative and Digital Classroom Sets here.

Virtual dissection options

VR Invertebrate Dissection

Are you interested in a fully immersive virtual reality experience? We have the VR dissection software for you. Co-developed with the award-winning virtual reality educational team at VictoryXR, our virtual reality dissection software takes your students into a VR classroom where they conduct hands-on dissections of specimens as if they were dissecting the real thing. A digitized hologram of Wendy Martin, an award-winning science teacher, guides users through the entire process and asks questions to reinforce scientific concepts along the way. Explore our Virtual Reality Dissections here. Note: Requires virtual reality headset. See requirements on product pages.

Additional Reading: Webinar: Carolina and VictoryXR’s Campus Tour and VR Dissections

We believe the best way to teach structure and function is for students to experience it through dissection. Whether you’re teaching remotely or socially distancing in labs, we know these engaging activities will be memorable for your students.

Additional Reading: Dissection, the NGSS, and Three-Dimensional Instruction

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